Product LifeCycle Management (PLM)

J-Squared Technologies Inc. is one of Agile’s original Value-Added Partners and Resellers serving the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) needs of growth-oriented startups and mid-market  companies in Electronics & High Tech (EHT), Medical Device, Life Sciences, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Goods, Mil/Aero, Automotive and other discrete manufacturing verticals across North America.  As an Oracle Agile PLM "Specialized" Gold Partner, we provide a full offering of solutions and professional services as a trusted, turn-key, Agile PLM provider, helping customers to acquire, deploy, integrate, scale, customize, maintain and upgrade Agile PLM in small startup environments through to large, complex implementations.


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Agile PLM Solutions Offering

  • Product Collaboration (PC)
  • Product Governance & Compliance (PG&C)
  • Product Quality Management (PQM)
  • Product Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Product Cost Management (PCM)
  • Engineering Collaboration (EC) / MCAD & ECAD Integration
  • Quality & Portfolio Analytics
  • ERP Integration

About Oracle Agile PLM

Oracle's Agile product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions enable companies to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing the information, processes, and decisions about products throughout their lifecycles and across the global product network.  With a broad suite of enterprise-class PLM applications and time-to-value focused implementations that are built on a proven track record of delivering value and enabling best practices across more than 1,300 global companies, Agile applications provide the broadest and most comprehensive end-to-end PLM solutions in the industry.


The enterprise product record is a key intellectual asset, containing rich information that uniquely defines all aspects of a product at each stage in its lifecycle.  The product record includes all the information required by an enterprise and its extended design and supply chain to conceptualize, design, source, build, sell, service and dispose of products.  Agile PLM solutions provide secure, timely, and accurate visibility and control of critical product information and processes to stakeholders at every stage in the product lifecycle.